Medical Odyssey

adventures, monsters, battles, and maybe a moral here and there

A Sad, Random Realization

Day #66: Standing in the kitchen, listening to the news about some poor athlete who was partially paralyzed from a brain aneurism, I randomly thought about how sad it is to not have any family or friends to regularly check up on you.

The reason my brain took a seemingly meandering path to that realization is actually quite logical: the people on the news were saying that this athlete is fortunate to have had someone with her when she suffered that debilitating aneurism because if she hadn’t been rushed to the hospital immediately, she would most certainly have died. And that made me think about how if a homeless person had passed out on the street from a devastating aneurism, no one would stop and check on them. Likewise, an elderly person who is not regularly checked up on by family, friends, or healthcare professionals could suffer the same unfortunate fate: dying alone, from something that could have been stopped or prevented.

if a homeless person had passed out on the street from a devastating aneurism, no one would stop and check on them.

It deeply saddened me that there are countless people out there that have passed away in that unfortunate way and countless more that are living in the conditions to die in that way. If you just stop and imagine yourself just randomly collapsing as your brain is rapidly hemorrhaging with blood and dying from something (albeit devastating either way) that physicians could potentially have saved you from.

Yeah, this post is a depressing one. You probably shouldn’t really imagine what I just explained.

But let’s end it on a positive note. Take a moment and be thankful for the support you have around you. Appreciate those who are there for you and make sure you return the favor. Being busy (as a medical student, nurse, physician, etc) should NEVER keep you from the ones you love.

Call your mom/dad. Call your grandma/grandpa. Call your loved ones. We’re all in this together.


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