Medical Odyssey

adventures, monsters, battles, and maybe a moral here and there

About Medical Odyssey

As a first year medical student, deciding to undertake a blog is actually a big commitment: our schedules are packed, our time is limited, and every minute spent away from studies is a precipitous addition to anxiety. However, the life of a medical student, resident, and physician brings daily challenges, unique experiences, and life-altering lessons that I believe–if shared–can enlighten others and open what many believe is a reclusive and exclusive club. I believe this blog can benefit those that are both inside and outside the medical community. Whether you’re a first year medical student that wants to see what it’s like for another first year, a nurse that’s interested in why doctors end up like they do, or a family member of someone in the health field that needs a resource to really understand why their boy/girlfriend hasn’t seen them in weeks.

My goal for this blog is first and foremost to keep a daily log of my experiences as I progress through my medical education and career. The daily log will give you an inside perspective of what it means to be a medical student, resident, and physician, and what challenges we face day in and day out. Secondly, this blog will highlight interesting articles in the field of science and medicine. I will share and provide commentary on articles that I find interesting and/or important. Finally, I will devote a section of this site to get your mind OFF of medicine and science; the Study Break Station will feature random funny pictures, jokes, or comics from around the internet.


One thought on “About Medical Odyssey

  1. Carolinapuddles on said:

    Hey, we haven’t heard from you in awhile… Just checking in to make sure your head is above water and you’re taking care of yourself.

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